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Ocean Theme Decorations

ocean theme decorations

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0% cake, 100% ice cream

0% cake, 100% ice cream

For the best 100% ice cream cakes, look no further than Simmo's Ice Creamery.
Simmo's is popular in the south west, with branch outlets in Dunborough and Margaret River. You can try it in Perth too at their Fremantle outlet.

Their ice cream cakes are delicious creamy experiences. Consisting of three layers of different flavours, the cakes are 100% ice cream, not counting the toppings. They even pipe vanilla ice cream for decoration!

We had these a few months ago in summer, after a staff barbeque for my hubby's colleagues, and after a cool dip in the Indian Ocean. Being in Dunsborough, we couldn't resist getting these yummies... not just two, but THREE!!

Personally I liked the one with the chocolate decorations on top: it had vanilla, chocolate and honeycomb flavours! The fruity, more colourful one turned out to be a sorbet cake: apple, lime and grape (i think)...

UPDATE: this is just perfect for this week's Friday Food Fiesta theme: SUGAR! =)

Ocean Theme Cupcakes

Ocean Theme Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes for an ocean theme 21st:
Chocolate buttercake with vanilla buttercream and fondant decorations
Caramel buttercake with vanilla buttercream, crushed cookie sand and white chocolate shells

ocean theme decorations

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